The Ramingo’s Porch – “A Different Muddy Waters” A Poem By Bryn Fortey



With its high and low tidal extremes
And strong flowing currents
The River Usk that runs
Through the centre of Newport
Has high muddy banks
Not suitable for swimming
And will tempt only the most
Determined of would-be suicides
Though some do take an occasional plunge

No Blues legend here
Just a dirty old river
No Chess Records superstar
The Usk boasts its own muddy waters


Bryn Fortey is a veteran short story writer and poet from Wales in the UK. He has had two collections published by the Alchemy Press (‘Merry-Go-Round’ and ‘Compromising The Truth’), and had a ten poem sequence included in the Pski’s Porch Vincent van Gogh tribute anthology ‘Resurrection of a Sunflower’. Recent online appearances have been in ‘The Song Is…’ and ‘The Rye Whiskey Review’.

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