The Ramingo’s Porch – “The Two-Legged Termites Come” A Poem By Waqas Rabbani


The two-legged termites come

My son grow your roots
deep in the soil
take seed after my shade is gone
for the two-legged termites come

It pains me to hide you
from the sun
It pains me that you can’t grow
tall and stout
beside your old man
it’s for your own good
for the two-legged termites come

for a thousand years
I have stood, watchful
in this wilderness
I had no fear of beast or fiend
but my heart trembles now
for the two-legged termites come

Come, my child,
cover your eyes
do not take root
until my shade is no more
hear the sounds
of our falling brethren
let it be your caution
for the two-legged termites come

their wretched metal teeth
and their iron hearts
know no mercy
but fear not my child
I will shield you from their harm
the two-legged termites come

A sproutling awakens to a red sky
in a field of carnage
with murmurs of an old voice
faintly remembered
looking up at the sun

A droplet of rain
falls on a leaf
trickling down
like a tear
full of forgotten pain

uttered in a hushed breath
through the winds of past
a voice echoes
“beware the two-legged termites come”


Waqas Rabbani has been writing for many years and has written for many platforms such as New London Writers, Nation, Eye On Life Magazine, NayaDaur and Brandsynario.

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