The Ramingo’s Porch – “Fan Girling” and “Nightfall Blues” Two Poems By Malkeet Kaur


She is tired of playing the same role year after year
Fan girling over the erudite oeuvre and the pedants.

She almost missed the point,
Fawning and fawning
His entire lexis doesn’t have a place for who she is.

As she is at the end of her tether
As she endures hot flashes below the desiccated blankets
As she slowly segues into a different her,

She stops minding his floccinaucinihilipilification of
A lexicon that includes who she was.


As another uneventful day gives way to the monotonous darkness,
She sniffs the silence in the room
Engulfing the unmoving bodies snoring softly.
The sweat and smell and imagination intermingle.
She searches for the spark from the leftover embers
Desperate in her attempt to catch the warmth, fast receding.

The next morning they find her snubbed into silence
Riding out the nightfall blues
Hiding the fuchsia scars

Behind the unstoked fire
And a frozen clock

Malkeet Kaur resides in Mumbai, India and works as an English teacher in a school. Many of her poems have found a place in online journals and anthologies. She is passionate about reading and penning verses and tries to encourage her students to do the same.

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