Running Colours – Read Now The First Chapters Of The New Novel By John D. Robinson

Cover Art by John D Robinson

It’s a real honor and privilege for us to publish the first chapters of the upcoming novel by John D. Robinson. He is well known for his works published on various magazines all around the world (we previously published his poems here), and for his last collection of poems “Always More”. Joseph Ridgwell, author of Burrito Deluxe wrote about Robinson’s work: “these are survivor poems, battle scarred verse that hits the soul and assaults the frontal lobe. Here is a poet who has lived several lives and emerged on the other side intact”.

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River House Blues – A Year Since This Surreal Collection of Poems Was Released

River House Blues Cover.jpg

More than a year passed since this collection of poems by Mendes Biondo was out. Published by Horror Sleaze Trash, “River House Blues” is a carousel of surreal characters flowing along a river of souls. Lovers, hunters, gamblers, and even lady death herself all make an appearance in this powerful new book of poems from Mendes Biondo. Continue reading

Sharks & Butterflies – Is now available the new collection of poems by John D Robinson


“Sharks & Butterflies” is the new collection of poems written by John D. Robinson and published by Cajun Mutt Press, now available on e-stores.

On the cover you can find the artwork made by Janne Karlsson that perfectly captures the essence of John D Robinson’s ‘Sharks & Butterflies,’ the big and powerful against the small and seemingly fragile.

“So, in this case, you CAN judge a book by its cover” says the editor of the book.

The poems in this collection are about all things against the odds. Full of tales about struggles and triumphs.

Portrait Hank Stanton

John D Robinson is a UK poet. Hundreds of his poems have appeared in small press zines and online literary journals. His last book “Hang In There” was published by Uncollected Press.

You can purchase “Sharks & Butterflies” here:

Ugly Duckling Presse – New Pamphlets and Books Coming in 2020

Ugly Duckling Presse logo

Ugly Duckling Presse officially announced the release of twenty pamphlets of commissioned essays on subjects close to UDP’s commitments — collective work, translation, performance, pedagogy, poetics, and small press publishing
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Ghosts Of The War Elephants – Poems About Fishing and Every Day Madness by Catfish McDaris

Ghosts Of The War Elephants.jpg

I’m very happy to introduce you to “Ghosts of the War Elephants” a collection of poems written by Catfish McDaris and published by Concrete Mist Press. This book will drag you into a world made of fishing, friendship and surreal things really happened to Catfish.

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