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RAMINGO! blog is a web magazine created by Mendes Biondo & Elena Bello. It’s name is inspired by the character of the wanderer considered as a person who travels a lot, always looking for new inspirations. Everything that generates good vibrations is interesting for us. From art to literature, from lifestyle to music, from cooking recipes to the construction of handicrafts. You’ll be able to find all these things and much more into the bag of the Ramingo.

Considering the wander nature of the character, we try to bring to you all the knowledge we will discover in the various places we reach. This will provide you a wider sight on what happens in the world and a different point of view about things.

RAMINGO! blog is a real Caravanserai for travelers, free spirits and creative minds where they can meet together and exchange opinions, find new adventures or simply restore their souls reading about inspiring projects from all over the world. As Raymond Carver once wrote, we are all following our polar star.


RAMINGO! blog was born in Italy in 2015 as a need to know what was happening into the contemporary local literary scene. Then we understood that a single place was not enough to satisfy our desire of discovery. So we decided to open RAMINGO! Blog to the international literary panorama.

After a long working period with American and English authors, we met the poet Catfish McDaris and the publisher Marc Pietrzykowski from Pski’s Porch Publishing with which we started a new project called The Ramingo’s Porch. A cool place where to share virtually a beer while enjoying the sunset.

Get ready to follow the path of RAMINGO!