Ramingo Interviews – John Yamrus, His Poems And His Latest Book “Small Talk”, Now Available

We had the pleasure to chat with John Yamrus, poet, who is proud to introduce us to “Small Talk”, his latest collection of poems. “I think this is the best collection I’ve ever done” – he said to us – “the book is published by Concrete Mist Press who also recently published my little memoir Five Dogs, which is a love letter to the 5 dogs I’ve loved over the years. Concrete Mist Press will also be releasing later this year a large volume of my Selected Poems as for approaching 70, I hit that landmark in 3 weeks.”

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Horror Tales And Much More – A Ramingo Interview with Jeani Rector, The Creative Mind Behind “The Horror Zine”

Jeani Rector booth

Interview by Mendes Biondo

While most people go to Disneyland while in Southern California, Jeani Rector went to the Fangoria Weekend of Horror there instead. She grew up watching the Bob Wilkins Creature Feature on television and lived in a house that had the walls covered with framed Universal Monsters posters. It is all in good fun and actually, most people who know Jeani personally are of the opinion that she is a very normal person. She just writes abnormal stories. Doesn’t everybody?

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Grooving Native Vibes – Interview with Native Yucca Flute Maker Joe Yeatman

Jon Yeatman.jpg

Interview by Mendes Biondo

Joe Yeatman, Native flutes maker, in this picture looks like a Zen master, one of those who contemplates their own swords for hours to understand the secrets of life. His smile is pure. Joe told me he has fun while creating his flutes, and I can believe him. You can see that fun running in every wood grain of these wonderful music instruments. He started walking on his path as a man facing an adventure and he is still living it in the same way.

Joe Yeatman lives in Tucson, Arizona where he is surrounded by Native American culture, flute makers, flute players and performers, and many opportunities to gather with other flute makers and players. He regularly attends 3 different ‘flute circles’ and performs along with others at events held at local museums, botanical gardens, and art shows. You want to know more? Keep reading what Joe told me about his craftsmanship… Continue reading

Lost In Translation – Lily Arnell

Lily Arnell.png

Meeting an author of experimental prose is always an honor for me. In this case I want to introduce you to Lily Arnell. She is from New York and she mixes poetry and music in her creative process. I had the pleasure to see a poem of mine published on her e-mag, the rocking “Silent Auctions“. Minimal and punk at the same time, Lily’s magazine is a gathering for incredibly talented poets, cartoonists, writers and much more. Here you can find a selection of experimental works by Lily Arnell along with the Italian translation. Enjoy!

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