The Ramingo’s Porch – “DIG” An Artwork By Aayushi Kadam

Art Submission - Aayushi Kadam




I was falling, Am I fallen?
I was bleeding, was it orange?
It was dark, was it charcoal?
When happiness pops up in your mind but you know it’s always in darkness.

Aayushi Kadam works with orange color and charcoal on butter paper. Using all these materials she has being creating some art which she would like to share.

The sensuality of “She wolf” by Giuseppe Graziosi

La Lupa 4

Every tourist would be amazed by visiting the Graziosi’s gipsothèque in Modena. We at the RAMINGO! Blog were fascinated to by these works and, in particular, by the wild beauty of the sculpture “She wolf”, so we would like to tell you the story linked to this plaster sculpture. Continue reading

Pamaru Mana – Story of the Birth of a Contemporary Way to Conceive Borgeet for Debasish Parashar

Indian music is a Universe a part. As an occidental man with a great curiosity about foreign culture, I costantly try to find new things and new styles. One of these days I met Debasish Parashar an indian poet, a professor and, last but not the least, a singer and musician. He introduced me to the fascinating world of Borgeet and after a long chat about music and local traditions I discovered that he worked along with two visual artists: Mysti S Milwee from US and Tori Michelle Carter from Canada. Here you can read what emerged from this cultural encounter. Continue reading

William Rock – An Inspiring Interview About Travelling, Making Art and The Eastern Way of Life

Yeshe Walmo bronze sculpture by William Rock

The depth of Oriental culture, the strength of iron and, as I saw in his works, the gentlessness of Giacometti. All that elements – and much more – can describe William Rock, an internationally exhibited artist. His lifelong creative explorations are grounded with a vast knowledge and respect for many diverse cultures and traditions. Rock studied drawing at The California Art Institute and The Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of have an interview with him and this is what he told me about art, life and culture. Continue reading