The Ramingo’s Porch – “Oh No, Not Another Nature Poem” and “The Lake Isle of I’m Asleep” Two Poems By Ethan Goffman

Oh No, Not Another Nature Poem!

What more is there to say.

The hills are hilly

the grass is grassy

            and still inexplicable

as in Whitman’s day.

Leaves lie like litter, individual as snowflakes

each a jagged, textual miracle,

            woven, a brown blanket

            future fertilizer

            for new leaves of grass.

Occasional birds twitter

            a snatch of song

            a suite

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The Ramingo’s Porch – “Bluffs Run” A Poem By J. Archer Avary


her old man was scary
he looked like a tough guy
a possible mafioso
he wore a ring on his pinky
and went to the dog track
every Wednesday
to bet on the greyhounds
he left her home alone
and she invited me over to
listen to music and
for unprotected sex
such a teenage delight
Wednesdays became my
favourite day of the week
I remember her bedroom
walls festooned with
Absolut adverts
ripped from the pages
of fashion magazines
she was younger than me
but also much faster
sadly these Wednesdays
couldn’t last forever
her family moved to Florida
but the dogs kept chasing
the mechanical rabbit
around the track
and in many ways, so did I

J. Archer Avary (he/him) is a former TV journalist. His writing has appeared in Riot Act Mag, Burnt Breakfast Mag, Under the Bleachers, Horse Egg Literary, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, The Beatnik Cowboy, Green Ink Poetry, and Potato Soup Journal. He lives on a tiny island in the English Channel. Twitter: @j_archer_avary

Ramingo Interviews – John Yamrus, His Poems And His Latest Book “Small Talk”, Now Available

We had the pleasure to chat with John Yamrus, poet, who is proud to introduce us to “Small Talk”, his latest collection of poems. “I think this is the best collection I’ve ever done” – he said to us – “the book is published by Concrete Mist Press who also recently published my little memoir Five Dogs, which is a love letter to the 5 dogs I’ve loved over the years. Concrete Mist Press will also be releasing later this year a large volume of my Selected Poems as for approaching 70, I hit that landmark in 3 weeks.”

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River House Blues – A Year Since This Surreal Collection of Poems Was Released

River House Blues Cover.jpg

More than a year passed since this collection of poems by Mendes Biondo was out. Published by Horror Sleaze Trash, “River House Blues” is a carousel of surreal characters flowing along a river of souls. Lovers, hunters, gamblers, and even lady death herself all make an appearance in this powerful new book of poems from Mendes Biondo. Continue reading