Running Colours – Read Now The First Chapters Of The New Novel By John D. Robinson

Cover Art by John D Robinson

It’s a real honor and privilege for us to publish the first chapters of the upcoming novel by John D. Robinson. He is well known for his works published on various magazines all around the world (we previously published his poems here), and for his last collection of poems “Always More”. Joseph Ridgwell, author of Burrito Deluxe wrote about Robinson’s work: “these are survivor poems, battle scarred verse that hits the soul and assaults the frontal lobe. Here is a poet who has lived several lives and emerged on the other side intact”.

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The Ramingo’s Porch – “Bluffs Run” A Poem By J. Archer Avary


her old man was scary
he looked like a tough guy
a possible mafioso
he wore a ring on his pinky
and went to the dog track
every Wednesday
to bet on the greyhounds
he left her home alone
and she invited me over to
listen to music and
for unprotected sex
such a teenage delight
Wednesdays became my
favourite day of the week
I remember her bedroom
walls festooned with
Absolut adverts
ripped from the pages
of fashion magazines
she was younger than me
but also much faster
sadly these Wednesdays
couldn’t last forever
her family moved to Florida
but the dogs kept chasing
the mechanical rabbit
around the track
and in many ways, so did I

J. Archer Avary (he/him) is a former TV journalist. His writing has appeared in Riot Act Mag, Burnt Breakfast Mag, Under the Bleachers, Horse Egg Literary, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, The Beatnik Cowboy, Green Ink Poetry, and Potato Soup Journal. He lives on a tiny island in the English Channel. Twitter: @j_archer_avary

Ramingo Interviews – Steven Storrie: “If You’re Truly A Writer You Will Unravel If You Don’t Write”


Steven Storrie is a writer from England whose published work includes poetry collections (‘Yours Sincerely, Axl Rose’), short story collections (‘4pm In Los Angeles’) and a novella. His new book, ‘The Wreck Collection’, is available now through Alien Buddha Press and Amazon. We had an interview with him to know better his writing tricks and what he likes most about life, writing and many other things. Continue reading

Meeting Guinotte Wise – The Wise Part Of Writing And Sculpting



Today I want to talk about an artist that I met thanks to the “Resurrection of a Sunflower” anthology curated by Catfish McDaris. I’m talking about Guinotte Wise, a writer and a sculptor from Kansas City. “My last show at the Hilliard Gallery in KC was May-July – Guinotte told me – I have one every May. Had one in Santa Monica at Lois Lambert Gallery Jan 12-Mar 17, and it was pretty successful. Seems LA likes my crazy stuff. Had great attendance and interest in the KC show.” Continue reading