Marc Pietrzykowski – An Interview With The Brain (And The Hand) Behind Pski’s Porch Publishing


It’s always a pleasure for me to interview interesting people. This time is Dr. Marc Pietrzykowski the voice that answers to my questions. He is an author and a publisher, and Ramingo’s readers met him some articles ago when I wrote about “Resurrection of a Sunflower“. Marc lives and works and writes in Niagara County, NY, USA. He has published various and sundry poems, stories, and essays, as well as 8 books of poetry and 2 novels. Here’s what we talked about…
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Resurrection of A Sunflower – “Van Gogh’s Stairway” by the poet Marianne Szlyk

Resurrection of a Sunflower Copertina

After Catfish McDaris, also the poet Marianne Szlyk – one of the contributors of the anthology “Resurrection of A Sunflower” (Pski’s Porch) – sent us a poem that can be considered as a post scriptum of her published poems. Here’s to you “Van Gogh’s Stairway”… Continue reading

William Rock – An Inspiring Interview About Travelling, Making Art and The Eastern Way of Life

Yeshe Walmo bronze sculpture by William Rock

The depth of Oriental culture, the strength of iron and, as I saw in his works, the gentlessness of Giacometti. All that elements – and much more – can describe William Rock, an internationally exhibited artist. His lifelong creative explorations are grounded with a vast knowledge and respect for many diverse cultures and traditions. Rock studied drawing at The California Art Institute and The Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. I had the pleasure of have an interview with him and this is what he told me about art, life and culture. Continue reading

Resurrection Of A Sunflower – Three New Poems By The Curator Catfish McDaris

Resurrection of a Sunflower Copertina.jpg

“Resurrection Of A Sunflower” is a work of love. A big, fat, juicy book fullfilled with poems, prose poems and short stories written by authors from all over the world. Is a tribute that signs the beginning of the journey for many authors, the end for many others. For Catfish McDaris it is only another milestone on his long path. This is why he decided to gift us three poems – totally unpublished – that complement those published in the anthology.

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