Where Hot Rods Ride – A Review By Mike Fiorito

Where Hot Rods Ride - Cover.jpg

Mendes Biondo, poet, madman and raconteur has sent us words to us from the mind of God or from the mind of Satan. Perhaps they’re just from his fucking fecund mind. And I don’t have to know, really. Biondo gives you the feeling that you’re jumping out of a plane without a parachute. You’re flying at high-speed; things are whizzing past your head. The Wicked Witch of the East, crocodiles, cowboy hats, hot rods, all bedecked in a day-glow phosphorescence. In other words, perhaps you’ve been dosed. Continue reading

Call Me Guido – A Tribute To Italian American Culture By Mike Fiorito


What does it means to be an Italian American in USA? Well it’s not only about eating pizza and singing Sinatra’s songs during weddings. When I started reading the short story collection of Mike Fiorito, I understood what an Italian American guy told me once: “We’ve got it in the blood”. Continue reading

RAMINGO! Review – “The Changing Tide” by Lewis J. Beilman III

The Changing Tide.jpg

Ten short stories and a novella. Eleven adventures setted in today America that made me think about how much US culture and history are changing. Lewis J. Beilman III, author of “The Changing Tide”, was able to depict, with a few pages, all the anger, the worries, the cultural depression of today United States. There’s a sort of stasys in these short stories, the characters are unable to face events, they simply let the stream flow. They are victims of themselves. Continue reading