Running Colours – Read Now The First Chapters Of The New Novel By John D. Robinson

Cover Art by John D Robinson

It’s a real honor and privilege for us to publish the first chapters of the upcoming novel by John D. Robinson. He is well known for his works published on various magazines all around the world (we previously published his poems here), and for his last collection of poems “Always More”. Joseph Ridgwell, author of Burrito Deluxe wrote about Robinson’s work: “these are survivor poems, battle scarred verse that hits the soul and assaults the frontal lobe. Here is a poet who has lived several lives and emerged on the other side intact”.

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Ramingo Interviews – John Yamrus, His Poems And His Latest Book “Small Talk”, Now Available

We had the pleasure to chat with John Yamrus, poet, who is proud to introduce us to “Small Talk”, his latest collection of poems. “I think this is the best collection I’ve ever done” – he said to us – “the book is published by Concrete Mist Press who also recently published my little memoir Five Dogs, which is a love letter to the 5 dogs I’ve loved over the years. Concrete Mist Press will also be releasing later this year a large volume of my Selected Poems as for approaching 70, I hit that landmark in 3 weeks.”

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The Ramingo’s Porch – “A Second Day” A Poem By Joe Albanese

A Second Day

Midnight crown and daunted growing.
I’d rather face the night and earn a
second day. Waves and waves of
could-be hopes and next-time semblances
of a tomorrow coming. A wrong turn sent
me here, in the dark, away from ease and
establishment. Away from comfort and
beauty to this darkness, this darkness—
only kept by sight unfounded. I see those
monsters up ahead. But only by light
do we see. There must be some more,
past the gruesome hold this dark has
over me. So I press on: I’d rather face
the night and earn a second day.

Joe Albanese is a writer from South Jersey. His work has been published across the U.S. and in ten other countries. He is the author of Benevolent KingCainaCandy Apple RedFor the Blood is the LifeSmash and Grab, and a poetry collection, Cocktails with a Dead Man.