The Ramingo’s Porch – “July 4th, 2020, Itasca, Illinois” A Poem By Michael Lee Johnson

July 4th, 2020, Itasca, Illinois
(At Hamilton Lakes)

Stone carved dreams for men
past and gone, freedom fighters
blow past wind and storms.
Patriotism scared, etched in the face of cave walls.
There are no cemeteries here for the old,
vacancies for the new.

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The Ramingo’s Porch – “False Arrest” And “Ghost” Two Poems By Jonathan Butcher


False Arrest

The shimmer of torches through
these bushes, a portal that enters
our space; a village not so quaint,
now gate-crashed by orders and
slightly stained uniforms.

The fires we built to warm these
makeshift shelters now sizzle to
mere embers, like a premature dusk
that delivers nothing except an epilogue
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The Ramingo’s Porch – “The Two-Legged Termites Come” A Poem By Waqas Rabbani


The two-legged termites come

My son grow your roots
deep in the soil
take seed after my shade is gone
for the two-legged termites come

It pains me to hide you
from the sun
It pains me that you can’t grow
tall and stout
beside your old man
it’s for your own good
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