RAMINGO! Review – “The Changing Tide” by Lewis J. Beilman III

The Changing Tide.jpg

Ten short stories and a novella. Eleven adventures setted in today America that made me think about how much US culture and history are changing. Lewis J. Beilman III, author of “The Changing Tide”, was able to depict, with a few pages, all the anger, the worries, the cultural depression of today United States. There’s a sort of stasys in these short stories, the characters are unable to face events, they simply let the stream flow. They are victims of themselves.

Beilman has shown great sensitivity in dealing with the issue of multicultural families. The safe place, the meeting point, the nest where it all begins, these are the multicultural families, often attacked by the racism of society, but still able to remain united.

The changing tide is also a beautiful metaphor for the courses and recurrences of human history. Periods of fury and “rough sea” are followed by others more peaceful, of “sea in calm”. But that sea is us, with our daily actions, with the exercise of active politics, with the choices we make towards others.

I warmly recommend reading The changing tide, a beautiful literary “photograph” of a period shaken by turbulence that is often not easy to describe with the same naturalness with which Beilman has portrayed his characters.

Mendes Biondo

You can purchase the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Changing-Tide-Short-stories/dp/1949180344

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